Moonlit Meadow Diffuser - Ships Thursday Sept 21st

Moonlit Meadow Diffuser - Ships Thursday Sept 21st

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Moonlit Meadow Diffuser

A Tranquil Blend of Cardamom, White Birch, and Cashmere Fragrance Notes

Embrace the enchantment of the "Moonlit Meadow" candle, a fragrant masterpiece designed to evoke the serene beauty of a fall evening. As the fireplace crackles and the world outside grows cooler, let the captivating fusion of Cardamom, White Birch, and Cashmere wrap you in a comforting embrace, perfect for those cozy moments on the couch.

Step into a realm of tranquility and warmth with the "Moonlit Meadow" candle. Its carefully curated fragrance notes transport you to a place where the air is crisp, and the scent of Cardamom dances with the whisper of White Birch trees. The soft touch of Cashmere adds an element of luxury to your cozy sanctuary.

Whether you're seeking solace in the embrace of a good book or preparing for holiday festivities, the "Moonlit Meadow" candle sets the perfect tone. Its aromatic symphony is an ode to fall evenings, a reminder to pause and savor life's simple pleasures. Illuminate your space with the inviting glow of this candle, and let its fragrance create a haven of serenity, both during the autumn season and as you transition into the holiday spirit.

The diffuser lasts approx 3 months once opened

Oh, my heart!  Where do we begin with this nuanced scent?  Oud is known as the "wood of the Gods," and is it ever!  Oud is used for meditation and is said to bring tranquility and peace to any space.  Pairing Oud with dark amber notes creates a seductive throw, filling your space with a range from sweet musk, to leather and spices.  

Diffuser Info

Adjust the reeds one to two times per week to ensure that your fragrance diffuses throughout your room. If you notice that the ends are dry, turn and flip them to add more intensity to the scent. You may observe the initial evaporation of your diffuser, and however, this will slow down over time.


Please note - do NOT flip reeds on any wood surfaces

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