Heart Throb Air Freshener Bundle

Heart Throb Air Freshener Bundle

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Heart Throb Air Freshener Bundle

Bundle contains 6 Heart Throb Air Freshener discs

Say goodbye to unpleasant odors and embrace a world of delightful fragrances with our Life in Lilac Air Freshener Bundle! 6 Heart Throb compact and convenient discs designed to effortlessly eliminate unwanted odors, leaving behind a captivating and refreshing aroma in any space you desire. Each disc comes in a beautiful custom envelope.

Key Features:
Odor Elimination: Life in Lilac Air Freshener Discs are formulated to tackle even the toughest of odors, ensuring that your car, luggage, drawers, garbage can, diaper pail, and other spaces are free from any unwelcome scents.
Long-lasting Fragrance: Each air freshener disc is infused with a carefully curated fragrance that lingers for an extended period (approx 30 days). Enjoy the continuous and inviting scent wherever you go!
Compact and Portable: These discs are compact in size, making them the perfect on-the-go companions. Take them with you wherever you travel and experience a burst of freshness anytime, anywhere.

Versatile Applications: Whether it's your vehicle, travel bag, storage drawers, or any other enclosed space, our air freshener discs are versatile enough to elevate the ambiance and create a wonderful aroma.

How to Use:

Using Life in Lilac Air Freshener Discs couldn't be simpler. Just place the disc in the desired location, and let it work its magic. The disc will gradually release its enchanting fragrance, providing you with a delightful aroma day after day.  Place in your car (above your visor, on your car door- for stronger scent throw we suggest clipping on your visor for more subtle scent place in cup holder).   Once placed in your car let the disc settle for at least 2 hours before entering your car for the scent to permeate. 
Transform any living space with the irresistible scents of Life in Lilac Air Freshener Discs. Embrace the power of captivating fragrances to create a welcoming environment everywhere you go!
Life in Lilac Air Freshener Discs: Elevate Your Senses, Anywhere, Anytime!

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