5 Star Exclusive Candle Bundle

5 Star Exclusive Candle Bundle

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5 Star Candle Bundle Includes 4 Candles:

Wonderful & Worthy, Take Me away, Heart Throb, & Open House. Save $32 on this bundle.   

Wonderful & Worthy:  Fragrance Profile: elderflower & lilac

Lilac Champagne and Elderflower in our Beautiful hand-painted lilac Jar

Let your closest friends and loved ones know how wonderful & worthy they are with this calming scent. Lilac champagne will add a touch of serenity to every room in your home. The notes of Elderflower add a drop of creamy spice to balance the bubbly bliss of lilac champagne. The powerful combination in this scent is perfect for burning all year-round and will always make a stylish gift.

Take Me Away:  Fragrance Profile: citrus & cedar

The essence of citrus gives an optimistic wink to summer days and long weekends.  We added the grounding notes of cedar and a drop of floral to balance this friendly, feminine scent.  

Open House:  Fragrance Profile: Fresh Cotton & Clean Linen

Are you looking for a fragrance that captures the nostalgic scent of warm linens pulled from the line and kissed by the heat of the sun?
Open House is delicate enough to evoke a sense of calm, while the breeze of refreshing floral top notes is irresistibly inviting.
Find comfort as you escape into a dream of clean, crisp linen and wrap yourself in the undertone of powdered freshness. Restorative and rejuvenating, Open House is the perfect everyday fragrance.

Heart Throb:  Fragrance Profile: Amber & Oud

Oh, my heart!  Where do we begin with this nuanced scent?  Oud is known as the "wood of the Gods," and is it ever!  Oud is used for meditation and is said to bring tranquility and peace to any space.  Pairing Oud with dark amber notes creates a seductive throw, filling your space with a range from sweet musk, to leather and spices.  

Candle Info

~Sustainable natural soy
~Free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates
~Hand poured in Los Angeles
~Burn time: 60 hours
~Vegan and cruelty-free
~Our wick is 100% cotton. It's lead-free and zinc-free


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