Backyard Bonfire & Ember Rouge Diffuser Bundle

Backyard Bonfire & Ember Rouge Diffuser Bundle

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Backyard Bonfire & Ember Rouge Diffuser Bundle

 This bundle is a discount of 14% off: 1 Backyard Bonfire Diffuser & 1 Ember Rouge Diffuser! 

Backyard Bonfire Fragrance Profile: Bergamot & Mahogany

The sun sets against the wheat fields. Glowing red and orange prisms dance as the bonfire flickers in celebration. Seasons change, and there is a chill in the air. Friends gather ‘round the flames embracing the warmth and a scent as familiar as your favorite flannel.
We are bringing the comfort of a backyard bonfire to your home with our latest scent.
Masculine and woodsy notes of mahogany emanate the complex foundation of this scent, while alluring bergamot punctuates with spicy citrus and floral top notes.

Ember Rouge Fragrance Profile: Clove, Vanilla, & Amber

Both mysterious and comforting, our latest Ember Rouge scent provides an olfactory experience as luxurious as it is yummy. Grab a steaming cup of spiced chai and walk down Main Street on this brisk autumn day. A dollop of vanilla adds a sweet froth reminding you that your favorite bakery is around the corner.


Diffuser Info

Adjust the reeds one to two times per week to ensure that your fragrance diffuses throughout your room. If you notice that the ends are dry, turn and flip them to add more intensity to the scent. You may observe the initial evaporation of your diffuser, and however, this will slow down over time.

-Please note - do NOT flip reeds on any wood surfaces

-This Bundle is excluded from buy more save more

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