Back To School Diffuser Bundle- FREE SHIP

Back To School Diffuser Bundle- FREE SHIP

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Back To School Diffuser Bundle- SAVE $41 dollars on this amazing hand picked bundle

OPEN HOUSE DIFFUSER-   Are you looking for a fragrance that captures the nostalgic scent of warm linens pulled from the line and kissed by the heat of the sun?Open House is delicate enough to evoke a sense of calm, while the breeze of refreshing floral top notes is irresistibly inviting.

WONDERFUL & WORTHY DIFFUSER - Lilac Champagne and Elderflower Lilac champagne will add a touch of serenity to every room in your home. The notes of Elderflower add a drop of creamy spice to balance the bubbly bliss of lilac champagne. The powerful combination in this scent is perfect year-round and will always make a stylish gift.

ALWAYS WELCOME DIFFUSER - You will feel anchored with the warm base of cedar and refreshed by the spiced top notes.

FOREVER IN BLOOM DIFFUSER- Let your closest friends and loved ones know how much you love them with the most giftable scent we have! 

 Buy this BUNDLE and Save $41 dollars. 

This set is excluded from buy more save more.

These four items include BEST SELLERS:

Open House Diffuser

Wonderful & Worthy Diffuser

Always Welcome Diffuser

Forever In Bloom Diffuser

Diffuser Info

Adjust the reeds one to two times per week to ensure that your fragrance diffuses throughout your room. If you notice that the ends are dry, turn and flip them to add more intensity to the scent. You may observe the initial evaporation of your diffuser; however, this will slow down over time.


Please note - do NOT flip reeds on any wood surfaces

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