Special 4 Pack Bundle - Down To Earth, Man Cave, Heart Throb and Warm Embrace Home Fragrance

Special 4 Pack Bundle - Down To Earth, Man Cave, Heart Throb and Warm Embrace Home Fragrance

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Down To Earth, Man Cave, Heart Throb and Warm Embrace Home Fragrance

This set includes: 1 Down To Earth, 1 Man Cave, 1 Heart Throb and 1 Warm Embrace Home Fragrance Room Sprays


Life in Lilac introduces home fragrances that are the perfect addition to your collection for a quick refresh or to enhance your favorite scented candle.

The beauty of our home fragrance is that you can control the intensity of the fragrance and immediately elevate the atmosphere at home or away. Our home fragrance sprays are free from any sort of alcohol, making them safe to use on fabric, rarely overpowering, and offer a clean, non-invasive scent profile.

This scent down to earth transports you to a world of opulence and indulgence. With its warm, earthy fragrance notes of santal and vetiver, this scent exudes a sense of calm and relaxation that's reminiscent of a lavish vacation in a high-end hotel.
Its elegant and soothing scent is truly perfect for any and all occasions! Experience the luxury and indulgence of a high-end vacation from the comfort of your home with the "Down to Earth." Treat yourself or a loved one to this exquisite fragrance and transform your living space into a sanctuary of serenity and relaxation.

The man cave fragrance captures the allegiance of the masculine and feminine This sophisticated scent can be described as having a warm, earthy, and slightly musky fragrance with spicy and aromatic undertones. The oakmoss provides a rich and mossy scent with woody and green notes, while the spice adds a complex and spicy aroma with hints of sweetness and warmth. Together, they create a cozy and inviting fragrance that can evoke feelings of comfort and relaxation.  Man cave brings grounding elegance to any room in your home.

Inspired by all things southern, this charming fragrance is as nuanced as the velvet petals on the Magnolia tree out back.
We pair the light sweet citron of the large white blossom with the base note of Amber to ground the essence, adding a warm, rich musk.
Warm Embrace takes you to the idyllic south where neighbors gather on the porch for sweet tea, share Sunday dinner, and always greet you with a smile.

The scent of our Heart Throb perfume is an aromatic conjuring of Oud and Amber. Expanding this addictive fragrance profile of sweet musk, leather, and spice to a wearable companion allows us to conjure peace and tranquility at home and beyond.

Ways to use our home fragrance:

Use on body
Spray in the center of a room (large or small size) 
Mist lightly on curtains, linens, and pillows
Mist in the car
Travel with your room spray to bring the scent of home to a space when you are away
Mist in drawers or a linen closet
Layer a complimentary scented room spray with your favorite candle for your own unique fragrance
Use in a classroom or office where candles can not be burned

*Always test an inconspicuous area of fabric before applying room spray.

  *Do not use on leather products

 - Spray lasts Approx 5-8 weeks with spraying 2 times a day.  Approx 250 Sprays

This product is a patented technology not using any alcohol at all.  All ingredients are clean with no Toxins.  

Ingredients List:

Distilled Purified Water

Proprietary Fragrance

Zinc Ricinoleate



Dipropylene glycol

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